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Fox Foments Fear Of Islam

Doocy: Our next guest says radical Islamists are busy building a voting bloc to sneak their political agenda into the American system, their goal to wage jihad from within. Retired Army lt. col. Allen West is a Fox News contributor joins us today from Boynton Beach, Florida.

Allen West joined Fox News hosts Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Steve Doocy on 04/17/2014 to warn that the Muslim Brotherhood is establishing itself as a US political party as part of its goal to destroy America.

The former congressman told Fox News that the formation of the US Council of Muslim Organizations, which was recently established to increase Muslim-American political and community engagement, is in fact creating a Muslim Brotherhood-aligned “political party.”

West attacked Muslim-American groups for purported connections to the Holy Land Foundation trial, failing to mention that in 2010, a federal judge found that prosecutors had violated the Fifth Amendment rights of a number of American Islamic groups by naming them in connection with the trial.

Allen West Takes To Fox News To Attack Muslim-Americans For Voting, Engaging In Politics

Mauro returned to Fox & Friends where Steve Doocy immediately framed the propaganda: "Under the command of President Obama the United States military is recruiting a new batch of Muslim chaplains, only problem we're recruiting them from a group with ties to terror" which, according to Doocy is "the Islamic Society of North America" and tied to the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Islamic Society of North America was one of a number of Muslim groups investigated by US law enforcement for possible terrorist connections. Its tax records were requested in December 2003 by the Senate Finance Committee. However, the committee's investigation concluded in November 2005 having found no evidence of ties to terrorists.

Fox & Friends Foments More Fear Of Islam With 'Security Expert' From Anti-Islamic Group BY PRISCILLA