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Fox News Business Panel Attacks Infrastructure Spending

The discussion was based on President Obama’s proposal to spend $300 billion on roads and rails. But host Neil Cavuto smeared it from the get-go. His introduction called the plan a “runaway spending train.” In a "fair and balanced" introduction, he said: "Even though we’re essentially out of bucks. Charles Payne is wondering what the (pause) buck. …Charles Payne, what’s going onnnnnn?"

...Cavuto insisted that it’s a money and accounting issue, not that he doesn’t want to improve our infrastructure. “What are you doing with the $120 or so billion you’re getting through federal sources, state sources, local sources to address our roads and bridges? …I’d like to see you account for the pennies I’ve already given you, and they don’t do that,” he said.

Adam Lashinsky was the lone voice of dissent. He said, “My assumption is that the $120 billion isn’t enough. …An additional $300 billion of spending on infrastructure, which is the subject, is an investment in ourselves.”

...Cavuto said impatiently, “That money is not accounted for. …I’m happy to address these ills, but I’m not going to compound the sin by adding more money to the money that’s already disappearing.” Not that Cavuto provided any evidence that any money has been misspent.

...Lashinsky countered, “This is infrastructure spending to improve infrastructure, not to improve the economy, not to create jobs.”

...Meanwhile, if your roads are crumbling and your bridges and tunnels are disintegrating, just chalk it up to the “cost of freedom.” If you’re a Fox News fan, there’s just no price too high to pay for it.

Source: NewsHounds