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Petition: Label FOX News a hate group

FOX News is now calling the "Black Lives Matter" movement for justice a "hate group," "criminal organization," and a "murderous movement" out to kill cops.

The reality is, FOX has been profiting off of anti-Black narratives for years, pedaling white supremacy and privilege as family values, and inspiring a generation of Dylann Roofs with their dangerous narratives. The only hate group we see here is FOX News, and it’s time they are officially labeled one.

If the Southern Poverty Law Center labels FOX News a hate group they will expose FOX’s toxic anti-Black narratives for all to see and will thoroughly cripple the news organization.

Click here to send a statement to the Southern Poverty Law Center asking them to consider classifying FOX News as a hate group.

Dear SPLC CEO Richard Cohen,

Your group defines a hate group as “having beliefs or practices that attack or malign an entire class of people, typically for their immutable characteristics. Hate group activities can include criminal acts, marches, rallies, speeches, meetings, leafleting or publishing.” For years, FOX has actively used its national media platform to malign Black people. Portraying us as criminals, ‘thugs', and violent people deserving of police brutality.

On August 31st, FOX News launched its most concerted and coordinated effort to undermine the value of Black lives and degrade our movement for justice. The majority of FOX's shows attempted to label our movement a hate group in response to a random and isolated killing of a white deputy sheriff, allegedly at the hands of Black man, who had no connection or affiliation with the Black Lives Matter Movement.

FOX used this detached tragedy to undermine our movement. FOX hosts spent their whole day using their national platform to call our movement for justice a "criminal organization," a "murder movement" out to kill police officers, and called for leaders of our movement to be arrested. This is nothing short of an attempt to malign Black people and generate hostility against people of color. This toxic attack is nothing new, but represents the culmination of years of work by FOX News to spread damaging narratives about Black people, families, and commnunities for the purpose of maintaining our status of second class citizens.

If the SPLC were to designate FOX News as a hate group for their persistent efforts to undermine Black lives, FOX's most treasured resource, corporate advertisement revenue, would be significantly impacted as corporate advertisers flee their damaged brand. Only a massive flight of advertisement revenue will ever get FOX News to stop its message of hate, and a hate group designation can make that happen.

[Your name]

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