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Fox & Friends hosts Trump’s lawyer to baselessly claim Comey illegally shared his memos

Earlier in the show, host Steve Doocy issued a correction over their “mistaken” reporting that Comey “leaked memos containing top secret information”

Despite the correction, Fox & Friends later hosted Trump’s lawyer Jay Sekulow, a frequent Fox guest, who continued to claim that Comey illegally leaked information. Sekulow speculated, contrary to reports and to Comey’s own account, that the memo shared with the Times “may well have been classified.” Sekulow also falsely claimed that it was illegal for Comey to share even unclassified memos because “it was covered by executive privilege at a minimum.” As legal expert Steve Vladeck explained, “It is not a ‘violation’ of executive privilege to voluntarily disclose materials that could be protected by the privilege … [n]or is such a voluntary disclosure illegal.”

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