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Fox News’s Tucker Carlson reports "Gypsies" settled in a small Pennsylvania town are going to toilet in the street

“Next up,” said Carlson on his Monday program, “a small town in Pennsylvania trying to cope with streets covered — pardon us now, but it’s true — with human feces and headless chickens after immigration officials settle dozens of Roma — you may call them ‘gypsies’ — in their town."

However: Bud Cook, the Pennsylvania state representative for the area, told the Erik Wemple Blog that when it comes to public defecation, there has been a “single incident of that.” California Borough Manager Richard Martin told a local paper that he was aware of one such case. And Vito Dentino, a real estate broker who has rented accommodations to most of the Roma immigrants in town, provided more details on that famous breach of decency to the Erik Wemple Blog. “It was a 10-year-old kid who dropped his drawers” when he couldn’t make it to the facilities in time, says Dentino, who said he investigated the incident. A quick cleanup occurred before he arrived on the scene. “There was no sign of it or anything,” says Dentino. “That was the only one that I’ve heard of and believe me: I would have been aware of it.” Residents who oppose the immigrants, he says, are “more than happy to complain to me.”

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