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‘He’s a coward’: Fox’s Tucker Carlson raises eyebrows when he calls out Mattis on trans people in the military

Carlson said that he thinks General James Mattis needs to go if transgender people are allowed to serve openly in the military. "He’s a coward who should have resigned when asked to do this, because in no sense, with the data you described or not, does this make the country safer. And if you can prove otherwise, the floor is open to you. How does this make America safer?”

The armed forces are having trouble with recruitment and has notoriously struggled to find linguists and translators because often they are LGBT. In 2002, the Army fired nine linguists at a time when they were desperate for translators, all due to the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy. At the same time, the vast majority of the Millennial Generation supports LGBT rights and they overwhelmingly support non-discrimination policies that protect their LGBT friends. They are the generation the armed forces are working through to recruit.

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