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Immigration fears are preventing children from getting medical care

The concept of sensitive locations was eroding even before the current heating-up. It comes as no surprise, then, that children’s hospitals and other pediatric health-care providers across the country have been reporting a decrease in use of health-care resources by undocumented immigrants in recent months. Actual numbers are difficult to obtain; most medical centers do not document parental immigration status. But within the field, there have been widespread anecdotal reports of reduced emergency department use, along with a drop in regular well-child visits.

This problem urgently needs to be addressed on two levels. First, we need ironclad assurances from elected officials and law enforcement that, barring true extenuating circumstances such as a serious criminal violation, health-care sites will remain sacred, safe spaces. Health-care workers should not have to worry about what they will do if an ICE agent shows up at their workplace demanding access to a family seeking treatment. Parents should not have to worry about being arrested while seeking proper care for their child.

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