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Congresswoman gets death threats after Fox News launches smear campaign

After Donald Trump labeled a Florida congresswoman a liar, his spokeswoman condemned her as “disgusting,” and Fox News talkers called her “sick,” “vicious,” and “crazy,” Rep. Frederica Wilson has received death threats, according to her office.

Virtually overnight, Wilson became a prime target of the White House, the right-wing media, and their most dangerous supporters when she relayed how insensitive and disrespectful Trump had been while calling Myeshia Johnson, the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson who was one of four Americans soldiers killed in an ISIS raid in Niger on Oct. 4.

As the story exploded, the White House and its most ardent supporters quickly launched into attack mode, with Trump claiming Wilson had fabricated the contents of the phone call, even though other family members in the car have since confirmed it.

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