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Advertisers Ditch Sean Hannity Over His Coverage Of Roy Moore’s Alleged Pursuit of Teens

Hannity has come under fire in the last few days over his coverage of Moore, 70, who was the subject of a bombshell Washington Post report Thursday detailing allegations that he had relationships and made sexual advances on teenagers while he was in his early 30s. In the most serious charge, a 14-year-old said he molested her.

Moore has repeatedly denied the allegations of sexual misconduct, though one of his comments to Hannity raised questions. He said on Hannity’s radio show Friday that he “generally” didn’t date teens during the time of the allegations.

Hannity apologized to viewers during his TV show Thursday after backlash over comments he made during his radio show earlier that day that appeared to dub Moore’s alleged sexual assault of the 14-year-old as “consensual.”

Minutes later, he continued the TV show by calling into question the credibility of sexual harassment accusers, seeming to perpetuate the myth that women often lie about their allegations.

″Now, I know, and this goes back to what you said, do people do it for money?” Hannity asked Mercedes Colwin, a Fox News legal analyst, during his TV show Thursday. “Do people do it for political reasons? Is that more common than people would think?”

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