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The year in Fox News non-troversies

In 2018, conservatives controlled all levers of the federal government, Fox News once again led in ratings, and conservative websites dominated the national narrative on the internet. But Fox News, hell-bent on portraying conservatives as victims, nevertheless found random events to be outraged about throughout the year. Below are some top Fox News non-troversies as documented by the Media Matters staff.

Migrants in the caravan

Maxine Waters, Cory Booker, and Eric Holder as agents of extremism

NFL protests

Sarah Huckabee Sanders being politely asked to leave restaurant

The flag and the moon movie


Michelle Wolf at White House Correspondents’ Association dinner

Starbucks diversity training

The "secret society"

Conservatives' claim that they are being secretly censored

Fox News’ obsession with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez


Girls allowed in the Boy Scouts

James O’Keefe

War on Christmas

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